Like Otters

2021 - 2D - Graphite, coloured digitally

Commision to accompany Hollie McNish’s book Slug: And Other Things I’ve Been Told to Hate. Character’s based on the resident otter population in Loch Sunart, Ardnamurchan.

A’ Mhoine

2019 - 2D - Graphite & mixed media

Short animation about the Ballachulish goddess, bog people and gruesome Highland history.
Gàidhlig consultancy by Eleanor Wilson


2021 - 2D - Graphite, coloured digitally

Animated sketch incorporating audio from the Am Baile online archive about the endangered Corncrake (crex crex). Animation was produced in an hour, the time limit designed to promote spontaneity, tactfulness and imperfections.

Dùthchas (Working title - in post production)

2023 - 2D - line and colouring done in Procreate

Short documentary detailing the contemporary lived experiance of young people on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. I produced short animated sequences to accompany recorded interviews, visually detailing the history, landscape and culture of the area.

dir. Hannah Hunter
prod. Eve Park

Selected .gif Animations

2019-2022 - Traditional line with digital colouring